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H2c Mattress Toppers

With this fact in mind it should come as no surprise that the standards we expect a good bed to meet are pretty high. The importance of good sleeping habits is often disregarded, more people spend longer choosing a TV or Furniture than they do their bed. The quality of sleep is closely connected to the quality of the mattress.

This tried and tested sleep system is really proving its rightful place in the market again, and many people are already enjoying the restful delights of our H2c Topper. In homes for a elderly and hospitals they have long been convinced of the medical advantages of H2c Topper to alleviate pressure points. Many doctors and osteopaths recommend sleeping on water for the relief of stress, rheumatism, backache, painful muscles, asthma and respiratory problems as a waterbed has a very high standard of hygienic properties


Reason for Choosing H2c Mattress Toppers.

  • Enter the ZEN of PRESSURE FREE COMFORT, ensure all body parts are evenly supported with pressure relieving benefit.


  • With a special design cooling sensation, provide an ideal condition for healthy sleep.


  • Does not leave smell, stain, dust mites and bed bugs, provide the best protection to you and your baby.


  • With over 20 years of experience in R&D, we promise you an enjoyable and restful sleep.

    20 年的经验就是为了让你睡得更卫生与舒适。

What is H2C?


  • 100% anti dust mite, anti-bed bugs and water resistance.

    100% 防床虱, 防尘螨,与防水。


  • Zero Counter Pressure, enhance blood circulation, gently support your body, rejuvenate your energy.



  • Regulate body temperature to achieve comfy sleep in short period.


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